Men’s Soccer – Univ. of South Carolina vs UNC Greensboro

For our latest photography assignment, we shot a sports event and I chose to shoot a Men’s Soccer game. It was a lot of fun and gave me some really good experience with the 400 mm lens. Here are some of my favorites that I did not use on my assignment but were more artsy/ I think would fit on my blog best!

141008_0000_mltSouth Carolina student, Patrick, cheering on the Gamecocks. 141008_0001_mlt 141008_0003_mlt 141008_0006_mlt 141008_0009_mlt UNCG assistant coach, Scott Brittsan, contemplating formation of his players. UNCG goalie, William Pyle, setting up for a goal kick. Eli Dent getting talked to by an student athletic trainer. 141008_0019_mlt Mahamoudou Kaba telling his teammate who to cover during a throw in. UNCG #2, Aaron Reifschneider, kicking the ball down field. 141008_0027_mlt UNCG #19, Nathan Bunch, following the ball down field. 141008_0032_mlt Back up goalie, Robert Beebe, during warm ups.

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