What I Actually Turned In for Men’s Soccer…

This was one of my favorite shoots I have done so far and I am really proud of how the pictures turned out. So proud that I thought I would do two posts about it!! Here are the pictures that I actually turned in. The first one was a class and personal favorite. Don’t worry… he is alright!

Eli Dent, Carolina's middle forward, injured during the first half. 141008_0031_mlt Koty Millard, midfielder, telling his teammate which UNCG player to cover. 141008_0014_mlt 141008_0007_mlt 141008_0025_mlt 141008_0012_mlt Carolina defender, Ive Burnett, about to steal from Bryan Metz, UNCG #13. 141008_0020_mlt 141008_0015_mlt UNCG #14, Nicholas Downs, kicking the ball across field.

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