Nostalgia created by my iPhone

I keep getting the “not enough room to take any more pictures” notifications on my iPhone. It frustrates me so much because I LOVE to take pictures (obviously) so I try to sit down and go through all of the pictures kept on my phone. Hands down the hardest thing to do. I end up just remembering the moments that I captured and thinking, “Ugh, I can’t delete that!”. Most of the undeletable moments come from my time abroad. All of these were taken with my iPhone so some are not good quality but I just can’t let them go! Some aren’t even visually pleasing, as you can see, but I will keep them forever purely based off of what the image reminds me of.


Wedding at the University of Glasgow. It was so glamorous and I felt the love all of the way across the courtyard in my stalker/paparazzi position.


GREAT coffee in Edinburgh, Scotland. I wanted to keep the personal milk bottle so bad.

IMG_4681_2Edinburgh again. People were climbing all over this thing and I was like, “No way I can get up there.” Then some fifth graders boosted each other up and I had to do it too.

IMG_4722_2Where Suckiehall St. turns into Buchanan St. in Glasgow, Scotland. This was on a Sunday at the end of the say so it was a ghost town but usually it is packed with people! This is a huge shopping area that includes great people watching.


One of my first photos taken in Florence, Italy. This was the view from the restaurant we had our first Italian dinner.


The only photo I took with my iPhone in Cinque Terre. I will always remember this place, even without the pictures.


Homemade pasta I made in our Italian cooking class!


The BEAUTIFUL Venice, Italy. Yes, this was taken with my iPhone. The lighting was just perfect this day.


This is how we bought wine in Italy! This wine shop was about 10 feet by 10 feet and had all of these barrels sitting around. I bought a 2 lt glass bottle for 2 euros and then could come and fill it up for 1 – 4 euros per liter. I came here a lot. It was pumped up through tubes into a fountain that looked like a soda fountain you would see here in any fast food place!

IMG_5047_2The best view in Florence. I could sit up there for HOURS.


My favorite coffee shop/cafe in the whole entire world. I came here every day of the summer and cried while I drank my last coffee. I constantly stalk their location on instagram to see what people put up from there. I miss this place so much. Definitely my favorite place in Florence.


The scene right after Italy beat England in the World Cup. This is is Rome, Italy and the big parliament building is the white building on the right. The scene was insane and the passion in the crowd was great to feel.


Blurry but so great. This was after the same Italy vs England game and I could not believe the amount of people in the streets and how happy everyone was. So many cars were riding down the road with people like this.


View from the top of the Duomo. I was sweating like crazy from walking up all of the stairs and then we thought walking up the bell tower would be a great decision too! The views were worth it.


Sunset in my favorite place. Seeing this in person should be on your bucket list.

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