The Day Before my Last First Day of School

If you are wondering what a senior in college does the day before her last semester in college begins… here it is. I want to thank my roommate and best friend Sarah for hanging out with me all day and for accepting a camera in her face. We don’t do much but we have so much fun doing it. We are mainly just trying to distract ourselves from the fact that WE GRADUATE IN MAY. Sorry… had to say the G word.

I dedicate this post to all of the seniors starting their last semester tomorrow! Hope you live this last semester to the fullest and really appreciate the people you have around you.


I started off the day with adding known assignments (and some fun events) to to my agenda that is so conveniently labeled with the year. Obviously coffee, oatmeal and grapefruit was involved.


I have always had a map of Atlanta (where I’m from) hanging in our living room and Sarah finally brought a map of Massachusetts (where she’s from) to match! She hung it up before our we proceeded to our next task of the day…grocery shopping.

011115_3    011115_4

Sarah is just so happy all of the time. She helps me enjoy these mundane things like grocery shopping! But shopping at Trader Joe’s helps a little too…especially when I open my fridge to see it fully stocked with delicious food.


I recommend you don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach because you get SUPER hungry while you are there. We hurried home after Trader Joe’s and Walmart to finally eat some of the food we just bought.
During lunch, we broke out some of the records my dad lent us, starting with Fleetwood Mac for obvious reasons (they rock). If I could have Dreams coming out of that record player on repeat at all times, I would.


Sarah checks out the album poster that came in the sleeve as she eats lunch. It is filled with tons of pictures of the band on one side and then a list of songs and lyrics on the other.

011115_10  011115_11

Our house’s strength is the great mood lighting and we recently added these two pieces into our collection so I had to grab a shot since they helped brighten up the room on this cloudy day.

011115_12  011115_13

Naturally, we spent the rest of our day thinking about what we were going to eat for dinner (we like food) and we decided on spaghetti squash carbonara. Chef Sarah gave me directions on how to deal with the squash as she created the sauce for this masterpiece of a meal.

011115_14  011115_15

Next… you guessed it… MORE FOOD! This time its cookies as we watch the Golden Globes with our neighbor and other best friend Stacy! All of this mix made four batches of snickerdoodle cookies that were absolutely amazing. I’m so glad I had Sarah and Stacy to be my taste testers because this was my first cookies making experience that didn’t include pre-made cookie dough!


To watch any award show, best friends and red wine is necessary. Thank God I had both! They are so cute OMG. I am so glad I have people like this to celebrate life and senior year with.

Cheers to y’all!

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  1. EnjoyedHave yoou thouht about sending these postings to Chris so he can keep up with you.

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