Naples, Florida (not Italy)

South Florida is amazing this time of year. It is probably great at all times of the year…that’s most likely why so many people retire down there! My friends and I went to Naples for spring break 2015 and it was absolutely beautiful. We were on the beach or at the pool most of the time so it was hard to use my big camera to capture the beauty of the place (I didn’t want to risk sand or water getting to it). My iPhone definitely came in handy when I was there. It was such a relaxing trip and I can’t believe how quickly a week went by!

Whether we cooked ourselves or went out to eat, the food was killer.

IMG_9317 IMG_9335 IMG_9340 IMG_8234 IMG_8291

The friends that were with me is what really made the trip great. 

IMG_9353 IMG_9389

The sunsets weren’t half bad either. 

IMG_8252 IMG_8243 IMG_8302

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  1. Now I know what you are doing and what is keeping you busy. Naples was a nice break for you.

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