Day 2 of Savannah

Today, we just walked around downtown Savannah. According to my FitBit, we walked about 5 miles just while we were in town. I was so busy looking around that I forgot to take pictures at some points of my day…whoops…But I think that is a good thing actually! #unplugged right? Well, here are the ones that made the cut today.


Started off at the Owens-Thomas Historical House. 
Naturally, they don’t allow indoor photography. (I think that really means they don’t trust me when I promise not to use my flash.) I snuck some in the slave quarters because it was just too cool.

IMG_9568 IMG_9573 IMG_9576IMG_9565



Lunch at One Eyed Lizzy’s on the famous River Street
They still had green beer from St. Patrick’s Day so it was “on sale” for $2.80! I just had to try it and of course they asked me if I wanted it “for here or togo.”


More walking around admiring the city and its beauty. 

We asked this man if he is nervous that someone might steal the pot behind him and he said, “Well, it’s awful heavy so if they really want it they have to lug it off themselves.”

IMG_9592 IMG_9596

I just loved this house and its colors.


When surrounded by super cool and trendy SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) students, try to be cool/hip by wearing semi matching but clashing patterns…?? (I probably just looked ridiculous)


Yes, another cemetery. Colonial Cemetery to be exact. It has very very very old graves that are mostly from the revolutionary war! Woah.


Saint John the Baptist Cathedral. A necessary site to see while visiting Savannah.

IMG_9612 IMG_9613


A funny one to leave you with… they have driving dogs down here!


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  1. Did you make it the Mercer House yet? That’s the house that Jim Williams lived in (from the book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” You will definitely want photographs of the gardens.The Tybee Lighthouse is also a great photo opportunity. Also head down to River Street and you might get to snap a photo of a tugboat.

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