Welcome to Charlotte (a tad late)


I moved to Charlotte, NC after college and I could not be more happy about the decision.

I have an amazing job as a UX Production Designer at Lowe’s Headquarters. I have met so many cool people and I want to share just one day with them. For a friend’s birthday, we decided to do a “brew crawl” in South End. I love my new neighborhood and these new friends.


The first picture I have taken with my camera in Charlotte.


First Stop: Triple C 



Heading down the light rail trail to the next stop: Sycamore Brewing

Even the dogs love the beer.IMG_1132IMG_1145IMG_1162


Next: Lenny Boy Brewing Co



Going down the trail further to: Wooden Robot Brewery (my second home)



Getting tired at: Slate


This is my 5 beers deep attempt to shoot an artsy pic. Not the best outcome but it was the last picture of the night and I think it is hilarious.

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