A Delicious Saturday in Charlotte


There is nothing better than a productive Saturday with a good friend. We got to explore a few different neighborhoods in Charlotte today.

11 AM:

It started off with unknowingly doing hot yoga in South End. We went to a new yoga studio opening day where they had free classes for the whole day. We thought a little exercise would be good to start off our day…little did we know, we would be sweating like crazy and get tricked into doing push ups. This part of the day was not documented.

2:30 PM:

Headed to NoDa, the artsy part of town, to do some work and discuss life over coffee. We sat at a table in the Daily Press/Evening Muse until they closed at 5 PM. She had a Salted Caramel & Honey Latte and I had a pour over coffee with a name that included all of the letters of the alphabet.

5:15 PM:

Early dinner at Sabor in Elizabeth. If you want fast but amazingly authentic and delicious Latin food, this is your spot. I had a Locos Taco with chorizo sausage and an Arepa. She had all three tacos they offer: Locos, Autenticos with Shrimp and Americanos. We obviously had to share some chips and queso. I am definitely going back to try some other things on their menu. I want to try the quinoa and avocado bowl, the fish tacos, the Dominican nachos, the Dominican on a Diet burrito and….. pretty much everything else.

5:47 PM:

Drove home through a part of town I haven’t been to yet so we got to see a different angle on the skyline.

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  1. Looks like it was a fun day! Glad you are exploring and enjoying your new town! Can’t wait to come visit soon and eat at some of your favorite places!😍

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