Using AR technology to create a new measuring app ‘Measured by Lowe’s’

About Project

August 2017 – November 2017 from idea to deployment

In the Summer of 2017, Apple dropped ARKit at WWDC. While they were unveiling it, at Lowe’s we were already working on something to release a product that utilized the new feature. This app helped land Lowe’s at the #1 spot in the AR sector of Fast Company’s most innovative companies.

The Idea

Measured is an app that gives the user a way to measure real-life objects without the hassle of carrying around a tape measurer. We wanted it to be Lowe’s familiar but not scream Lowe’s brand. 

I served as the UX and UI designer for the app. I also helped create the branding/logo and promotional artwork.

The Look


The App Store Art

It was fun to actually press the submit button and upload my own designs to the App Store.

Apple Images


The Recognition

Lowe’s was awarded the #1 spot in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies 2018.

My Learnings

This project taught me that corporate can feel like an agency some days. I was able to work hand in hand with developers and create an experience that was non-e-commerce. I also learned that you feel like a proud mom when you see your app downloaded on other people’s phones.

Here is a nerdy picture of me being measured by ‘Measured’ in front of a Lowe’s store.