Helping Lowe’s associates fulfill customers’ online orders

About Project

June 2017 – October 2017  from wireframe to deployment

Orders is an app created for Lowe’s Store Associates that tracks online orders for any type of fulfillment (pickup, parcel ship, truck delivery) that come through their store. This app creates an easier process for store employees to gather items throughout the aisles which in turn makes the process for customers picking up orders more efficient.

I served as the User Experience Designer for the Lowe’s Orders Associate App. I worked with a UX Architect, a Content Strategist, a Product Owner and an iOS development team to get this app into stores.

The Beginning

The planning started as discussions with associates who usually do the “picking” of products for online orders. They gave me a lot of insight into problems they ran into with inventory as well as the difficulty to identify the items purely based off of item number. Below is an example of what they look at to find the item. 

In the old system, associates would have to search the tiny price tags for the item number to make sure they have the right product. There were no images or brand name

The Prepping

I got excited and started thinking about interactions. So as the UXA was creating features, flows and high-level wires, I was setting up my UI Kit and drawing any thought that came to my head.


The Design

Below is a high-level look at my Sketch file for phase 1 of this project. I knew it was going to be a lot of screens to accomplish everything we wanted this app to solve and so I wanted to make sure that every possible scenario was covered.


For phase two, we wanted to implement “partially picked” scenarios. This required me to ask ~1,000 questions about the terminal system functionality and how associates work through inventory issues. 

Partially picked order example:
A customer orders 3 air filters, 2 dish soaps, and a lamp. The store they want to pick it up from has everything in stock but the lamp. The associate can call the customer and ask if they would like to come and pick up the other items and either 1) wait to pick up the lamp until it comes in stock, 2) cancel the item,  or 3) pick it up at another store. 

My challenge was to give this possibility of selection all within Orders.

Quick whiteboard wires/flow
Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 7.02.17 PM
UI for each scenario
Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 7.01.50 PM.png
A scenario that could have every option of partial pick

The Documentation

Since I built out the app using symbols in Sketch, it was easy to document out the few modules. I had the privilege of working with an amazing development team so they were able to make it look exactly like my original designs without too much back and forth.


The Testing

The team and I went into the store with a test device and had associates use it with real-time orders. This gave us insight into the network slowdowns that they might experience and allowed me to observe users naturally using my designs.

animated      animated 2


The Final Thoughts

As a team, we were able to get this app out to 24 stores to start. More stores are getting it each day.

As a UXD, I learned how to push my ideas further and create a great experience (even within UI style guide constraints).

I also learned how to handle a room of 15+ people staring at your designs and nitpicking every detail.


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