Creating the First Native Checkout Experience at Lowe’s

About the Project

This is the first iteration to build up to a full native cart and checkout experience. This feature allows customers to order a product for pickup in store with one button. Before this feature was released, the native apps relied on a web view of the website’s cart and checkout experience.

My Role

User researcher and product designer on both iOS and Android platforms.

Order Now Final Experience

Customer finds an item they want to pickup in store, then taps ‘Order Now For Pickup’.

We present the customer’s preferred payment method.

Customer enters the CVV.

Customer places order and they are done!

How did we get here?

Customer Pain Points

  • Multi-step checkout 
  • Cart experiences are dependent on mobile web
  • Web Cart is slow due to refresh issues (+7 seconds each refresh)
  • Long development time to Native Cart and Checkout so Two-Step Purchasing gives us a value drop within the next few months

My Goals

  • Create a native experience so there is no reliance on web
  • Shorten checkout time
  • Ease frustration for one item purchases
  • Treat signed in customers like we know them and their buying habits
  • Get customers’ orders fulfilled quickly

Iterating to Native Cart and Checkout

  1. Only Pickup in Store fulfillments
  2. Adding Shipping and Delivery
  3. Adding ability to purchase products with services
  4. Create native cart and checkout based off of all of these features

MVP that was determined by working with tech teams and product management

  • Customer has to be signed in
  • Only available for pickup in store
  • Can order only one SKU at a time
  • Cannot use Lowe’s Credit Card
  • Quantity selected by customer has to be equal or less than what is available at their store

A Bonus Update

Since we were going to be working on profile information, adding and editing payments and addresses, the tech team said they could implement some of my UI updates to the profile area. I gave it a more modern and clean look as well as updating the colors, buttons and form fields in the design system.

Testing the first version of Order Now

8 Participants

All participants found Order Now to be straight forward and very easy to use

1 participant stated he would rather go through the normal cart and checkout process

Biggest concern:
Customers might not understand it is only for pickup orders

Released April 2019


50% increase in conversion

Almost 21% increase in average order value

Increase in orders for pickup in store

People were still willing to buy big ticket items using Order Now

🎉 🎉 🎉